The Robert A. Shuker Scholarship Fund was established in 1993, to honor the late Judge Robert A. Shuker, Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia. Its primary purpose is to find and assist young people in obtaining an education that have few financial resources, but a burning desire to learn, achieve, and serve the public. Robert A. Shuker was an extraordinary lawyer, an outstanding judge, and a remarkable person. He was a man with an unmatched combination of courage, intellect, wisdom, and integrity. Although from an impoverished background, Judge Shuker believed in education, and that through education one could achieve any goal. Thus, he worked during his school years at many different jobs, and with scholarship assistance, ultimately achieved his aspirations first by becoming a lawyer and later a judge. Throughout his life, even in the most difficult times, he never lost his compassion for other human beings, his love of life, his distinctive wit, or his special sense of humor.


The Robert A. Shuker Scholarship Fund is in the process of dissolution and is pleased to announce that it is transferring its funds to the American University for use of the Washington College of Law which will carry on the work of the Fund. The Fund will not be accepting any more direct donations but is extremely grateful to its many contributors over the past 30 years. You can continue to honor the late legacy of Judge Robert A. Shuker by directing donations to the American University fund set up in his name here.


Khatia Mikadze
American University, Washington College of Law

Precious Penny
Georgetown University Law Center

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Mojoyin Onijala
Columbia University Law School Graduate, May 2009

The Robert A. Shuker Scholarship Fund is a not-for-profit charitable corporation. It is supported through the tax deductible contributions of individuals, corporations and law firms in the Metropolitan Washington D.C. area

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Please check out our 2018
25th Anniversary video below!

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Shanice Hinckson, Hannah E. Amundson, Nan Shuker, Fatimah Mateen (1st winner), Que'Nique Mykte' Newbill,
and Desiree Sholes